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Kong Xiaoyin To Leave SNH48 Group As Fans Discover Her Secret Boyfriend.

Kong xiaoyin snh48 profile facts. 7SENSES is a Chinese girl group. Facts - She wasnt present at the 726 SNH48 election concert when 3rd Generation were revealed. They debuted August 6 2013.

TFBoys 加油 少年 or The Fighting Boys is a three member Chinese group under TF Entertainment. Kong XiaoYin simplified Chinese. Yìngtáng Shàonǚ 303is a seven-member girl group under Tencent and Wajijiwa Entertainment.

Before joining the SNH48 she did modelling jobs. The Trio consists of Karry Roy and Jackson. Kong XiaoYin 孔肖吟 Birthday.

She has a beautiful voice and her strength is ballad music singing. Transferred to AKB48 Team K on February 24 2014. Pornnappan Pornpenpipat พรนบพน พร.

Nene Zheng Nai Xin Is a Part of Bon Bon Girls 303 Name. They debuted on March 27 2017 at the 24th ERC Chinese.

Kong XiaoYin Fandom Name Note 音符 Kong XiaoYin Fan Colour Birth Name. SNH48 Team SII Members Profile. They debuted on March 27 2017 at the 24th ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards.

It consists of seven members. 7SENSES Members Profile Age Bio Wiki Facts More September 11 2021 Nicole Kidman. Akira Bee Diamond Eliwa Kiki Lynn and Tako.

The group consists of 6 members. Kong XiaoYin Profile and Facts Kong XiaoYin 孔肖吟 is a graduated member of SNH48 Team SII and 7SENSES under STAR48. - Her roommate is fellow 3rd Gen member Xu Yang Yuzhuo and they get along very well.

Bonbon Girls 303 硬糖少女303. Xu Kai 许凯 Profile and Facts.

SNH48 Team SII Members Facts SNH48s Team SII S队 is the first Team of the 5 teams of SNH48 based in Shanghai ChinaThey currently have 23 members though 1 has announced their graduation. Promoted to AKB48 Team A on August 23 2009. Zhang Bin Bin 张彬彬 Profile and Facts.

7SENSES also know as SEN7ES is a Chinese girl singing group Its SNH48 s first international subunit consists of seven members Akira Kiki Diamond Bee Eliwa Tako and Lynn On Tako Kiki Diamond and EliwaExperience the World with Seven Senses Seven Senses Tours is specialising in. 20121014 Joined SNH48 as a Research Student. She is a graduated member of Chinese idol group SNH48 Team SII and its sub-unit 7SENSES under STAR48.

SNH48 S队 Team SIIS2 陈观慧 Chen Guanhui w 陈思 Chen Si w 戴萌 Dai Meng w 蒋芸 Jiang Yun w 孔肖吟 Kong Xiaoyin w 李宇琪 Li Yuqi w 刘力玮 Liu Liwei w 宮澤佐江 Miyazawa Sae w t g a 莫寒 Mo Han w Captain 钱蓓婷 Qian Beiting w 邱欣怡 Qiu Xinyi w 沈. Mimi Lee Li Ziting 李紫婷 Profile and Facts. 7SENSES also known as SEN7ES is a subunit of Chinese idol group SNH48 based in Shanghai.

-Hes starred in Six dramas such as Boy Hood 2017 Legend of Chusen 2016 A. They were formed through survival show Produce Camp 2020 on July 4th 2020. She has a very high-pitched voice and clear voice and her remark is her voice.

20121014 - Joined. 20130417 Promoted to Team. Her Catchphrase is Hello everyone I am SNH48 Team SIIs Kong XiaoYinSo charming.

See more of 7Senses on Facebook Log In Forgot account. April 11 1992 Zodiac Sign. Akira Diamond Eliwa Kiki Lynn and Tako.

164 cm 55 Weight. SNH48 Team SII SNH48 Team NII SNH48 Team HII SNH48 Team X. On March 25 2021 Kong XiaoYin announced on her official Weibo account that she will quit SEN7ES after rumours of a love scandal.

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