Kim Jun Su Jyj Profile Facts

He was a member of TVXQ from 2003 to 2010.

Kim jun su jyj profile facts. -Jun Su lost his shoe in. JYJs Junsu reveals behind the scenes footage from his Tarantallegra MV through concert video. Kim Jaejoong is extremely spoiled by his mothers and older sisters perhaps because he is the only son in the family.

Kim Jaejoong is the emotional neutral of JYJ where Yoochun negative and Junsu positive are the two opposite extremes. It costs about 26 million dollars while his team mate Kim Jae Joong also lives in there as Junsus good neighbor. JYJ Members Profile 2017.

His favorite beverage is iced americano. Introduction to Xia Junsu. Kim Min jun formerly known as Kim Jun Su Birthday.

However he also has a pet cat. Dolphin because of his squeaks and Duck Butt because of his butt. He is also a CEO an actor and participates in musicals.

Lee Sun-Bin Facts and Ideal Type Kim Jae-Young 김재영 is a South Korean actor under HB Entertainment. Kim Jaejoongs favorite animal is the dog. Kim Jae Young Profile.

JYJs Kim Junsu has his villa Brown Stone Legend in Samseong-dong Seoul. The band debuted in April 2010 after the 3 mentioned members left TVXQ. January 2011 saw the release of JYJs Korean EP Their Rooms Our Story.

But he never gave a confirmation about this rumor so people saw this as just gossip. FUN FACTS AND TRIVIA-In 2012 she participated on Superstar K 4 and placed in the top 12 finalists. They are under C-JeS Entertainment.

His favorite foods are seafood especially fish dishes. JYJ fans still use the Cassiopea fandom name DBSKTVXQs fandom name JYJ Fan Color. Introduction to Kim Jaejoong.

Jaejoong Yoochun and Junsu. Jaejoong profile - Jaejoong has 11 piercings. Junsu promoted the new album with JYJ via a worldwide showcase tour with dates in South Korea Southeast Asia and the United States.

Kim Jaejoong was obviously injured but he refused to show it while on stage in front of the fans. 2PM Profile Member. JYJ Facts JYJ Ideal Type JYJ consists of 3 members.

Junsu is a former member of TVXQ. -When looking at Jun Su sideways youll notice he has an S line body figure. He has an older fraternal twin brother known as Kim Junho who is also a singer mainly active in Japan and China where he is better known by his stage names JUNO and ZUNO.

It was announced on April 23 2019 that Yoochuns contract with C-JeS would be terminated after a positive drug test and he would retire from the industry. Kim Jun-Su Facts and Ideal Type Kim Jun-Su 김준수 also known as XIA Xiah is a South Korean singer-songwriter dancer and musical actor under C-JeS. They are under C-JeS Entertainment.

He was the only member who made his debut as a minor. -Jun Su is nicknamed Dolphin and Duck Butt. By onekjpop June 6.

Junsu contributed in writing and composing two songs in the album an up-tempo track titled Mission and a ballad titled Fallen Leaves. His favorite flower is the babys-breath flower. JYJs Jaejoong Junsu hang out.

He mentioned JYJs Kim Junsu as the artist he wants to collaborate with. JYJ Members Profile. - Jaejoong has a thing for the Han River.

He dislikes sweet food. JYJs second studio album and first full Korean album In Heaven was released on September 28th 2011. His favorite seasons are spring and fall.

However he stated that people think that he does not have a very good first impression. Would remain the same. JYJ Facts JYJ Ideal Type JYJ currently consists of 2 members.

Later on he and fellow TVXQ ex-members Yoochun and Junsu made their own band JYJ which had their debut in Japan in September 2010 under C-Jes. The band debuted in April 2010 after the 3 mentioned members left TVXQ. Junsus twin brother changed his name to Kim Mooyoung in 2014.

Hes now actively promoting as part of the trio JYJ from CJES Entertainment. Actually before being independent of his parents he has lived in. NichKhun imitates JunSu 2PM hahaha - YouTub.

On October 17 2012 Junsu revealed through his personal Twitter that due to family matters he would be changing his name to Minjun 민준 and that his stage name Jun K. KIM JUNSU OF JYJ FACTS. His ideal date is walking near the Han River and when hes stressed he likes to listen to music at the Han Rive As explained in his personal profile above Kim Jaejoong was born in 1986.

He was born in Gyeonggi-do South Korea. On April 24 th 2019 following the drug scandal Yoochun retired from the music industry. Facts About Junsu.

- His favorite colors are black and white - He has a dog named VICK a great pyrenees. Kim Jaejoong Profile Updated - Kpop Profiles - Kpop.

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