Favorite Twice B Side

Want it 13 1697 votes.

Favorite twice b side. I would want the music video to have sort of a dark aesthetic inc. Also known as the 97ers for both being born in 1997. Woohoo Sanas voice sounded so soft and delicate I always stop whatever Im doing just to listen.

Up no more Hell in Heaven. Reactions 2838 Posts 5454 Guild. Favorite TWICE b-side from each album.

1697 votes - 13 of all votes. 1turtle 2merry and happy 3after moon 4going crazy 5strawberry. And now I think for a day.

By gottwiceu June 13 2017 in Music. 1832 votes 14. Songs 49 members have voted.

Get a free custom badge with Allkill -5 days. What is your favorite twice b-side. Someone like me Three times a day 1 to 10 Turtle My fave TWICE song Missing U Chillax of course 247 Stay by my side Going Crazy Shot thru the heart Young and Wild Ballads.

Do It Again 20 Going Crazy 17 Truth 23 Like A Fool 25 Candy Boy 16 2. 2189 votes - 3 of all votes.

Wishing After Moon One in a million Ice Cream Stuck Love Line Like a fool Be as One Say Yes You in my heart HypeI use these at the gym. My favorite b-side from each Twice album. Shadow Girls Like Us 7.

1344 votes - 10 of all votes. 1 Page 1 of 2. Eyes wide open has some superb b sides.

Strawberry - amazing bop and my fav b side of all time. My Headphones On 8. For me Id say Sweet Talker Shadow Get Loud Like A Fool Stuck and Say You Love Me The entire Fancy You album because it slaps so damn hard.

Candy Boy One In A Million. Itz summer 10 1344 votes. Cheer Up I cant stop me.

It changes all the time but this is todays list lol. Going Crazy Nayeons vocals were on point Candy Boy I streamed this song so much Page Two. MiHyo Mina and Jihyo is the friendship pairing between Mina and Jihyo.

2917 votes - 3 of all votes. Im going to list two for title track and two for B-side. Ting ting ting 10 1323 votes.

I never have one favorite song because it changes all the time and it also depends on a mood. Shot Thru The Heart 4. And then comes the part where I struggle with overthinking for 4 hours while picking my favorite b-side.

Did not include repacks except for summer nights cause what was the point lol 1. Prolly a thread thats been done to death but Im currently searching for some other twice bops Love Foolish Four Leaf Clover In the Summer Going Crazy - All time favorite B-Side Baby Blue love. If you want something to chill to.

Both born year 1997 thats why they are Twices 97ers 97즈 or 구칠즈 They took the MBTI test and they both got INFP-T. Wow its been so long since Ive written an answer. Eye Eye Eyes 9.

Look at me Dejavu. Anyways lets get into it. Mikrokosmos 3 2189 votes.

They do play games together like Mario Kart League of Legends Minecraft Animal Crossing and more Knitting is one of their hobbies. Whats your favorite fall in love omg b-side. Cry For Me - this is my favorite Twice song and although I loved I Cant Stop Me and it was extremely successful for Twice I wouldve loved if Cry For Me was a proper title track.

The Truth Untold 2 2044 votes. Argh thats really hard to choose. Favorite Twice B-side tracks.

This is a tough one. 1Aftermoon 2Ice Cream 33 Times A Day 4Love Line 5Be As One. In addition to the two you named I would put believer up there as well.

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